Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Set up an exchange account and buy Bitcoin

Today I will walk you through the easiest way to purchase Crypto... I even took screenshots along the way. The first link will get us both $10 worth of Bitcoin once you have purchased or sold $100 on Coinbase. The second will get you to Coinbase with no bonus for either of us.

If you are like me you do virtually everything via your phone and there is no reason to buy crypto any differently. So let's start by going to my Link or the Non-affiliate link: Coinbase.com

Fill out the basics and create a strong Password

Open your email and click the link

                                 A code will be sent to your phone after inputting your number

                              Due to AML (Anti Money Laundering), this is required information
Next, determine your source of funds

For sheer ease of use I personally went with a Debit card, but notice, in order to sell, you need to connect a bank account. You can add that at any time.
Once you have connected funding...

Click on Bitcoin, then click on Buy. Enter your Dollar amount then Preview Buy and review your purchase. Finally, click Buy Now.

Congrats, you have just completed your first cryptocurrency transaction, and now own a few Satoshis worth of Bitcoin. (a Satoshi is .00000001 Bitcoin and is the smallest purchasable unit of Bitcoin available.

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